Happy 50th Anniversary, Lola & Papa! ♡

And now, the big day that I together with my aunt, mom & brother has been waiting for, came finally! It was held on our compound, or what we fondly call, the Taya0 Compound. (Because it’s the name of our family clan.) It’s been two or three months ago since we started planning and canvassing. And the most formidable but something we doted on was when we went to the corresponding houses of our relatives who resides far from our compound to took their part from the videos we made just for my grandparents.

Factually, we plotted and connived of celebrating it on a certain hotel or events place. But then, my grandparents told us beforehand that they hate being the center of attraction too much and invaded by many people. So, we decided to surprise them and celebrate it on our compound instead. For that, we really tried hard not for them to know our surprise party videos & party for them. We even gave them a customized yellow gold TGIF (Thank God It’s Fifty) tees which everyone who received it jubilantly wore it on the event.

Wait! Let’s respite the story first! I’m gonna be posting the continuation on my second blog post about this! Let’s set in motion for the first batch of the TGIF photos! These are primarily le preparations and more…

But first, look at the top design of our cupcakes and the cupcakes itself, as well!



(Note: The first 3 photos were some of our relatives who

resides on far places form ours.)












Note: This mob of hotdogs was mistaken to be only one of the designs in the food table due to its festive design! Tee hee!


More mob of photos on the continuation/second part of this blog post! 🙂


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