One Shot Youth Camp

Summer has seemingly started almost a month ago already. And we have our own lil’ ways of spending it. Others may decide to travel to diverse places whether here in our tropical country or out of town. But there are some who choose to simply stay in their house and chill.

But as for me, I spent it with my churchmates at One Shot Youth Camp last April 3-5. Yes, you had read it right! It’s more than a month ago! I just thought that it would on the mend if I wait for our fellowship (with my groupmates) to come along and commemorated before I post this. But then, due to unexpected circumstances, some of us are unavailable! 😦 Β For that, I decided to post this super overduuuuue blog post today!

And pardon me for surprisingly posting only a few photos, despite of my photo-fancy-self! We did brought our DSLR. But then, my dearest bro forgot to insert the SD Card before we leave home. And so, I just plainly photo grabbed from my trustee FB friends who attented the youth camp, as well. And as traditional arrangement of camps in our church is concer, they randomnly group all the campers into various groups. I was in the group, “Chislev”. Which means October-November in the calendar on the Bible.

Here are some of our group photos (eating time, group devotions, group presentation, rockstar outfit group pic, etc):

– Say hello to my violet & shiny blue nails

during the youth camp! Teehee!

I’m a bit disappointed for the very few photos! Next year, I would make sure I could take many, many photos using our DSLR!Β That’s it! Bow. πŸ™‚




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