Still Into You ♡

Huzzah holy week of yours? Essentially, I’m fond of those holy week convention that Catholics keen on. Oops! Don’t get me wrong! I respect others’ religion, though. But then, just for the sake of asking how you all guys have been doing, how was it?

As for me, we’re gonna attend School of the Cross tomorrow at our church (Cathedral of Praise), together with my family and relatives. In order for us to jog our memory on how did He sacrifice for us on the Cross and beholden even more of His unfailing love and abundant mercy for us. Apparently, we are pretty much slanted towards my grandparents’ 50th golden wedding anniversary this May 18. By all means, we know it’s a couple of months pa but since we’re planning a bit huge celebration for them, as early as now, we’re already putting our shoulders to the wheel.

Anyhow, this is something I wore at the introduction of the greeting video that we’re making. And candidly, this photoshoot was taken in two seperate days! Don’t bother asking about it! Long story! 🙂 In passing, stay tuned for my blog post about it on May! And for this shoot, as I mentioned earlier, this was my outfit in the intro of our greeting vid so since we used bubbles as our mic during the greeting interview (to be posted on May), I took it as my props on this look, as well. Subsequently, I posted this on Lookbook a few days ago but then, since our internet connectiom was not that reliable on that day, I post this look post today, instead.

Correspondingly, here’s a few upshots and the look itself:

Polo from Vivada, skirt from Forever 21

Hype this on!


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