Of Florals and Laces

As what several of you have flick through my japanese and pepero-inspired look on my recent blog post, I bet you conceded that I took spur on one of my favorite blogger, Tricia Gosingtian and I’m abruptly feeling a bit remorseful that I actually took inspiration from another well known favorite fashion blogger of mine, aside from Tricia, which is Camille Co for my turban. Shed light on it here:

In addition to it, for my look today, I pilfered inspiration to a vastly notable fashion blogger whose not that my favorite but actually, to some extent, analogous from my style whenever I feel like (predominantly all the time!) being on my edgy self which is Patricia Prieto.

I know I’m not that well known just as they do right now, but I promise to perk up my game and will do my best to be the icing on the cake, bring to fruition and hit the big time in fulfillment of my dreams. πŸ™‚

Anyhow, let’s go on and allude to my look. When I was plumping on what to put on, I was like vaguely torn between being edgy but not too much of it and wearing something with lace on it. But then on, I decided to amalgamating lace and floral but not too girly. Henceforth, I’ve came up with this look:



What do you think? I essentially have amity for my decision of assmilating the heels-with-socks trend, which is not that recent but I still love it. Moreover, here’s the result:

Socks from Forever 21, Wedges from PrimadonnaΒ 

Floral polo from Mango, Lace dress (used as a top) from Thrift Shop in HK, Pink shorts from Bershka

Hype this on Lookbook.nu!


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