A Girl’s in Blue Funk

What month is it? Oh it’s February. And oh well! It’s apparently the annual valentine’s day heyday! Whateeeevs! They fondly call this month, the Love Month. This is where the lovers and suitors were preoccupied with planning a date with their loved ones, courting the girl of their dreams or simply introducing themselves to the person who makes their heartbeat felt like in a roller coaster and constantly turns into turbulent phase.

But on the contrary, there are also people who just don’t mind Valentine’s day and perhaps, hates it very much.

Some rather focus themselves on other things exultant and mirthful that they consider their valentine.

Several people even call themselves, “forever alone”. As for me, I’m pretty much in this particular category. Although, I never consider myself alone for I know God is always there on my side. But then, uhmmm… I believe this blog post would further explain my situation. Oh no. Wait! Here’s another one.

I’m ostensibly should make you read the blog post I stupidly did for a guy on Valentine’s Day last year. But my old blog was seemingly suspended because I wasn’t able to at least open it once in a while. Anyhow, to cut the story short, right from the outset, I never come across a happy valentine’s day. Like EVER! </3 Okay okay okay! Change topic please!

Moreover, my brother and I had an artshoot which I took spur on top model, Pauline Prieto’s (Patricia’s sis) photo at a local newspaper. And this snapshots were taken at my room. And like on Pauline’s photo, I puckered my bed’s bedsheet and disseminate some of my clothes and books here and there then lay down and made my book, Little Secrets: Playing with Fire by Emily blake as my main props. Look!

Camera polo and tank top from Bershka, Shorts from Stefano HK, Socks Forever 21

Hype this on lookbook.nu!


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