Konnichiwa!  Ensued by my constantly being an ardent fangirl to one of the supremely renowned fashion blogger and photographer Tricia Gosingtian,




Tricia Gosingtian (c)

My brother and I had a not-so-recent japanese-inspired photoshoot last month. Out of tedium and soporifically-had-nothing-to-do day, we decided to feature one of our exquisitely favorite japanese snack of all time, Pepero Almond! How frisky can we get? Teehee! 🙂

Hence, we march into our respective closets and with our voracious tummies, in spur of moment, we come up with an outfit! Look!


What do you think of my dinosaur-spiked sneakers? And to be scrupulous with all of you, my chinky-eyed self extremely came into bud in this particular photoshoot, yes?

Henceforth, here’s my pepero-inspired-featuring-my-chinky-eyed-self look:

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Sad kitty tee from Thrift Shop in HK, Tights from Forever 21, Turban from Yhansy, Dinosaur-spiked sneakers from Lyrique



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