JCo. Donuts & Coffee

As what I’ve mentioned in my recent blog post, we started our day at JCo. and have our delectable breakfast there. Thus, this was the seperate blog post I was divulging about. Hmmm.. what did we ordered?

Here’s the lowdown:


Alcapone– I super love the nutty feeling whenever I gob on this one! This is one of their new arrivals and I must say, this was one of my favorites.:)

Cheese Me Up–  Super cheesy! Although, I’m pretty much fond of cheese, I find this an okay lang donut for me! No pun intended.

Donna Italiana– I find this very scrumptious sort of donut, indeed! Very heaven in the mouth. 🙂

Choconutzzy– Chocolateeeeey! I have an excessive amity for chocolate. Therefore, I never fail to go zany whenever I much on chocolate in almost any variant.

Coco Loco– It’s a so-so donut for me! I rather get a taste of other variant than this one. I didn’t go zany after munching on it.

Heaven Berry– Berry heavenly! Though it’s not my most preferred of the bunch.

If you’ll notice, only the Alcapone & Donna Italianna had photos in it. It’s because those two donuts are the ones I sifted out when we ordered on that day.


Mochabella Frappe- Exceedingly mocha goodness! I super love love it! 🙂

Hot Espresso- Honestly, I’m not fond of hot coffee. I don’t know if I’m not yet used of drinking it or I genuinely

don’t enjoy it talaga.

Jcoccino Frappe– This is primarily their signature frappe. And its visually fascinating and I must give the nod that

it tastes exquisitely stupendous!


For more queries about JCo., visit their variegated and picturesque site here.


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