Resorts World Manila

Last January 5, we went to the place wherein you’ll surely freak out on and flip over in  the planet, Resorts World Manila! 🙂 Oh boy! If you already construe and skim through my past blog posts, you’ll comprehend how ecstatic am I to bug out at Resorts World Manila.

Before I cite what we’ve transpired and eventuated there, let’s holdforth Resorts World Manila’s milestones before winning 5 aliw awards last November. Read it here.

But then, there’s a bit lamentable happened. My aunt got severe colds that made her had headache. Henceforth, we didn’t able to relish the prodigious spectacles at RWM that it’s like in you’re into another world when you’re in it. And since we’re on a diet (even though, we never stay true to it to bits! Haha!), we resisted the other restaurants that’s in there and ate at Mcdonald’s instead. Here’s a photo of my usual french fries ritual. Haha! 🙂

Originally, we supposed to watch Sosy Problems at the Newport Cinemas. But then, my brother won Human’s Twitter promo and he claimed it on Human’s branch on SM Megamall. And it turned out that we had to wait the manager until 2pm. Ugh! 😐 Furthermore, we had no choice but to watch at the SM Cinemas. But then, just to make kwento first of what we ate for breakfast at the SM Megamall, we headed to Jco. Doughnuts & Coffee.

Stay tuned for my seperate blog post for that, yes? But for now, let’s set in motion and continue chaterring about RWM, shall we? Although, I must give the nod that our day at Resorts World Manila was pretty much fizzle & hit the skids! 😦 (Because of my aunt’s unexpected headache) Oh boy! But we’re gonna unequivocally & beyond any doubt come back there soon! And so, before our not-in-the-cards packing up, I took some photos (inside) & look photos (outside) there and have my fearless-or-peculiar look!

Why did I say call my look for this day a fearless or peculiar one? Stay tuned for that next week in my look post for this particular event, will you? For now, let’s under way with the photos I took at RWM:

That’s all for now! And I’m absolutely looking forward and have a hunch on going there again! And I’m crossing my fingers that whenever we go there next time, there will be no more deplorable reason that would make us leave too early.

For more information and lowdown about Resorts World Manila, get a load of it here.


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