So long, 2012!

In more or less,one hour from now, 2012 is about to bid farewell & 2013 on the other hand, is about to reel out state-of-the-art challenges, experiences, opportunities & more! And if you’ll ask me how I feel about that, oh boy! Ready or not, I had no choice but to roll out the red carpet for 2013! And for all those who made me amused & chipper this 2012 & also to those who made me doleful, sad, disappointed & look stern, THANKS! I just really, really hope & pray that bad vibes would no longer stay on my life excessively! Sometimes it’s all to much for me. You know, all the anticipation and longing for appreciation and attention of the ones I love and I ended up bawling my eyes out and I tend to struggle for my self worth. All I do is call on to God & blubber!


Anyways, setting aside those melancholy, I’m also indebted and thankful for what page 366 of 366 had expound and teached me various things to ponder and learn not Β to forget those I can consider as “excess baggage” in my life. And I also pray that this 2013, I would finally have ones that I can call “true friends” that would not take advantage of me as what is usually happening. Or what others fondly call, “User friends”. Oh well! And with that, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I just hope & pray that this year 2013 would be my year, finally! *cross fingers*


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