End of the World

Oh finally! I’ve able to post a look after my short-run absence because of our prelims week this past few days. But now, we’re gonna have our much awaited Christmas vacay and paint the town red! Yee ha! πŸ™‚

How excited can I get? There’s a lots, lots, lots of vastly diverse rousing events coming up! And I bet I would finally be able to post various blog posts this christmas season, eh? And I’m more than a gazillion percent sure that I’m not the only one who’s exhil anticipating Christmas day and move on with another year and celebrate New Year’s Day with a bang, right?

Anyways, enough with the highly looking-forward-toΒ event of the year which is Christmas, for now! Let’s proceed with my look. Well, evidently, this is the first ever indoor look that I’ve made so far. Well then, I must say, it’s pretty much more convenient than outdoors. But nothing compares to the blurry-ness that the background can get in outdoors, though! Well, I guess it’s a tie! Hahaha!

And by the way, as a full-blooded born again Christian, I completely DON’T believe on the so-called, Mayans that declared this 21st day of December, the end of the world?!? Like srsly?!?! Today is just an ordinary day, okay? Everyone is still alive and everything’s is in its normal phase.

Oh well! Anyways, here are the outtakes and my Β I-can’t-sleep-so-I-decided-to-have-a-indoor-photoshoot look:

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