Bread Talk 2.0

Hey you guys! Oh my super gee! I sincerely apologize for my absence this past few days. This week is pretty much our hell week again. But now, we’re free as a bird and we can able to paint the town red again! Yay! In fact, tomorrow, we’re planning to go to Resorts World Manila. Stay tuned for my blog post about that, yes?

Anyways, this is again, a blog post about Bread Talk.Β  And here’s my opinion on some of their lovely and scrumptious creations:

Chocolate Walnut Raisin– Don’t be fooled at its visual appearance! As for my opinion, it doesn’t satisfy my cravings for walnuts, AT ALL!

Tuna Dozo– MY FAVOOOOORITE!!! :”””> I super duper looooove it!!! Actually, I already expected that I would love this because I’m a freak for any food that has tuna in it!

Get Cheesy! – Hmmm… I’m fond of cheese but then, I didn’t like this creation that much. It was uhmmm… okay. For me, it lacks the cheesy-ness that I was expecting to taste.

Wholemeat bread– When we ate this, we put peanut butter in it. In view of the fact that I love peanut butter and so I really liked the experience while eating it because it is healthy and delicious at the same time.

Eggstraordinary– I love how the milky-ness and the taste of the egg was mixed into my mouth as I savor the taste of this creation. Although, I felt bitin a bit because the milky-ness and the taste of the egg was primarily on the top part of the bread.

California Floss– This was subsequently one of the flavors of Bread Talk’s series of floss such as pork, fire, cheesy among others. I didn’t able to take a solo photo of this, by the way. Anyways, it’s one of my favorite floss among the bunch.

Well, that’s it foodies! I must say I love Bread Talk. And having said that, I wouldn’t be shocked if I would post a Bread Talk 3.0 in the near future, yes? πŸ™‚



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