Locked Out of Heaven

Yee haw! Finally, I got the chance to post my look post for my Nikon Photography Lesson recent blog posts (1, 2). And pardon me for posting this a bit late. I got pretty much occupied with all the cheering on our basketball and volleyball players at our school’s olympics this week. And with that, I didn’t have the time an energy to go online. Sorry for that, though!

Anyways, this is the concluding  of the several photos that I’ve taken during my Nikon Photography Lesson last week.

The DSLR of one of my confidants during the photography lesson.

These are one of the filters and kinds of lens that our instructor

had disclosed to us; You can use lens of different

brand opposing to the brand of your DSLR.

Some of my companions during the photography lesson.

Subsequently, these specimens are just roughly about using your photography skills on events like on wedding, debut and among others.


** More photos next week! Stay tuned for that! 

And now, let’s ensue with my look for this distinct event. To tell you honestly, my brother captured this look photos sometime later that day at Edsa Shangri-La. Do you like my new hair color? 🙂 Anyways, this is one of my edgy and like a cat on hot bricks look. I’m feeling the pa astig vibe again, don’t you think?



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