Nikon Photography Lesson Part 2 ☺

And here’s the sequel of my blog post about my Nikon Photography Lesson last week. But before I proceed, our Photography Lesson comes with a free meal (lunch). And since it was held at Savory, here’s the scrummy meal that we ate during our lunch break:

Savory’s Chicken, Fish Fillet, Glazed Turon with rice

And now, let’s continue on where we stop in Part 1:

An example of a photo following the Rules of Third. Rules of Third basically

refers to the rule that you have to shot your subject off center; You set your aperture

to 3.5 so the background wouldn’t be too much blurred.


This is an specimen of taking creative shots. If you’ll look at it closely, everyone had their heads down

except for the lil’ kid that was standing.


This a software wherein you could be informed how many

shutter counts have you made since you first use your DSLR. 

You can download this online.

This is another example of  taking creative shots; When taking photos, aside from the subject,

it’s better if you’ll capture the part of the surroundings of your subject that will

create a story out of the photo you shot. Like in this photo, the man who was glaring

at the beggar from the cab and the “Love God” sticker in the beggar’s media player. Without this

specimens, the photo would look monotonous and dreary.

This photo was taken during the Ondoy. It breaks my heart whenever 

I look at the dead victims laying down on the floor.

When shooting kiddos,  you have to kneel down first so that they wouldn’t appear less

taller than their orginal height. Take this photo as a specimen. Since the one who took

this photo kneel down before capturing this picture, we can determine the height of

the little girl by looking at the sack behind her.

When taking landscape photos at high-rise buildings, you have to find an

establishment  in front of the building that you’ll capture that has similar height

of the building in order for you to take a photo suitably. And notice the before

and after of this photo. You must know how to crop photos. Otherwise,

don’t crop it for you might wash out the beauty of the photo.

OH MY SUPER GEE!!!! (Ignore my eyebags please?!!) That’s when our instructor was teaching

us the difference of the bluriness of the background depending on the aperture that you set.

Andsince I’m the one who’s sitting in front and the nearest to our instructor, he decided

to take me as the example subject. 

More photos and its specs on my look post on Monday or Tuesday!

Stay tuned, lovelies! 🙂



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