Birthday Bummer!

Oh well! It’s apparently 8 days after my birthday! And before I begin with my outburst of feelings, I honestly don’t want to open this up anymore or whatsoever. But then, it just that it’s so freaking hard to keep your emotions all to yourself. It might eat you alive! :O Having said that, lemme start expressing it. Since this blog of mine serves as my outlet of feelings.

Today’s reputably the birthday of one of my batchmate. And one instance made me realize even more that I haven’t find someone/a group of people that I can consider my true-blue firends. Because that girl I mentioned who was celebrating her birthday was pretty much hated by copious people in our school due to her I-know-everything-because-I’m-a-genius attitude among others. To my shock, even if her so-called friends had their own reasons of hating her a bit at times, even though they go with her always, they always make it a point that everytime she’ll celebrate her birthday, they tend to surprise her and sing a birthday song for her! At least, even though multifarious people hates her, she have friends who cares for her and make her feel special!

And as for me, the treatment of my friends in school to me was fine but when I had my birthday last tuesday, they seem not to care that much. Even after I treat them for merienda! Only one out of four of them said thank you to me! What made it worst is that, the day after the birthday of one of our male friend which is 3 days after mine, they were asking each other of what will they do as a surprise to our male friend for his birthday the next day. I was really disappointed at that moment. Why? Because that male friend of ours is the one we tend to be a bit rude at times because of his peculiar attitude. But then, they still thought of surprising him for his birthday?! While as for my birthday, none of them even decently greet me. </3 Like srsly??

Lemme cut it out here. You might get bored at reading it or what. I just want to express my feelings here. Because I can’t say it anyone (except God). I just feel exceedingly disappointed and agitated at this matter. All I do is pray. O:)



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