Miss Panache

Several people’s connotation with sartorial is that it tends to be ordinary and dreary. If some of you might wonder what do we mean by sartorial, well! It refers to a manner of style that correspond to kind of clothing that is classy, refined and elegant. Moreover, when you’ll ask me if sartorial is do boring or whatsoever, uhmm.. I must say, it depends on the person if would
he/she make his/her ensemble tedious or not. Then in there, you’ll know the answer! Anyways, in less than a minute, you’ll meet Miss Panache! So much for being feelingera! Hahaha! πŸ™‚

By the way, if several of you will perhaps ponder what do we mean by panache, it refers to dashing style: a sense or display of spirited style and self-confidence. There you go! Furthermore, since we’ve already made things clear, let’s proceed with my look, eh?

Honestly, we had this photoshoot few weeks ago. Like two weeks, think. And if some of you recognize my three-weeks absence here in my blog and to my other sites, as well, oh boy! You better read /this/.

Furthermore, for this look, actually, I got my inspiration from one guy (except for the bow tie that I added for this look!) while reading my brother’s Garage Magazine. And I made a female version of it.

What I did was I invade my wardrobe and look for all the pieces that I need. And to those who’s not their first time to read a look post of mine, I bet you be acquainted with the blazer that I’m wearing on this look, isn’t it?

With all honesty, I admit that this maroon blazer is one of my favorite blazer! So much for being caught by that familiarity! And now, I’ll present to you, my pretending-not-hefty-but-its-classy look and its outtakes!

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BLAZER Qatar Airways, POLO Nike, TANK TOP It’s Paquette!, BOW TIE SM Dept. Store, SHORTS Bershka, SHOES Lacoste



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