Stay Strong

I bet multifarious of you had watched the very first episode of X Factor America last week wherein the very stunning, Demi Lovato was currently one of the judges there.

And since I didn’t know at first, if it will be telecasted here in the Philippines (But me and my brother vividly search if it will be or not!). And this week that had past, my dad was confined in the hospital and for that, me and my brother was told to stay in our house. And since my parents weren’t there to tell us to sleep early and all that, me and my brother had freely do what tickles our fancy! *evil laugh*

Likewise, we watch a couple of tv shows and I was getting sleepy and my eyes had started closing its doors. Not until, we unexpectedly saw X Factor America’s first episode/auditions. At first, it was like an uhmm.. let’s say it helped my eyes not to fall for a little while. And when my eyes are about to call it a day, one girl who I’ve related so much h/ad struck my heart.

And she’s Jillian Jensen. Β As she entered the stage and as she started being interviewed by the judges, at first, I was in the denial stage that I can relate to her story and all that. If you don’t know how Demi and Jillian’s story had similarities on mine, read thisΒ and this.

But then, when she began singing her heart out and tears came down on her face, tears were starting dwindling on my face but then, in view of the fact that my brother was sitting beside me, I really tried my best to stop the tears from falling. Because he wouldn’t understand why.

Then, as I enter my room when we turned off the TV, various terrible and devastating rejection moments of mine hurled my mind and had arouse my tears to come down my face. </3 It’s not that I’m dwell in my past too much but it’s just that the aftermath of how much rejection I’ve excessively encountered in the past.

And it really made me relate more to Demi Lovato’s heartwarming songs like Believe In Me, Give Your Heart a Break, My Love Is Like A Star and Skyscraper. Because most of it deals with the unfortunate circumstances like heartbreak and rejection that a person encounters that he/she wants to get out and grow from that kind of life, like me. Of course, bullying is NEVER right. That’s why Demi Lovato with her golden heart had made a campaign for anti-bullying. And I hope and pray that bullying would STOP already. For I know how it feels to be bullied. </3


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