Love Me For Me

It’s exceedingly evident that I’m a born camwhore, isn’t? Especially, at present, that I’m an aspiring blogger and Lookbook-er. Those two indeed aroused my yearning for fashion and photography. Although, to be honest, I cannot consider myself a pro yet. But there’s always a room for improvements, right? How I wish I’ve started blogging for almost a year ago and I’m still in the process of learning and delving into newfangled things to improve and further hone my skills.

And so, I tend to grab all the opportunities I can get while I’m still young. Of course, it would be more amusing if you’re with your friends, isn’t? And last saturday, me and my five friends were supposed to have a photoshoot at our crib. Likewise, I got enormously excited about it and made several plans on what would they wear and all that.

Sadly, the day after our supposed-to-be-fun-day had been CANCELLED! 😦 I was like: NOOOOOO! </3 So for me not to think of it that much, I and my screwball brother decided to have a photoshoot. I chose to be my K-pop fangirl self. I bet some of you might recognized that I didn’t focus on accesories on this look, eh? Keri naman e! As what they say, sometimes, less is more! You don’t have to plunk lots of accesories just for your outfit to be considered as exceptional and unique. As long as you have enough statement pieces in your outfit, then that’s it!

And if some of you might recognized that my hair is inspired by Cher Lloyd’s undercut hair, right? Even thugh, I didn’t do it literally but I braided it to achieve at least a bit of it. I really love Cher Lloyd’s music and looks. She’s still young yet she’s so incredibly talented and oozing with swag excessively! And one of her songs that I adore is Love Me For Me. One of my favorite lyrics in the song was this:

A Doll House Is All That You Could See

But It’s So Far From My Reality

I Got Problems, I Got Issues

Sometimes It’s All Too Much For Me

Wrap It Up With A Pretty Little Bow

But There Are Some Things You Can’t Sugarcoat

As a result, here’s my I-want-to-be-my-kpop-fangirl-self look and it few outtakes:

TOP Thrift Store in HK, COLLAR DIY,Β TIGHTS Q Queen, SHOES Thrift Store in HK

Hype this on!



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