Grow Up

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Oh boy! I must say, this week is freaking exasperating and aggravating the hell outta me! Why? It’s our midterms week, baby! 😐 Therefore, I didn’t have that adequate time to update my blog and I hope you can pardon me for that, will you?

Furthermore, I decided to pull out a look that stimulates good vibes that is tranquilizing in the eyes and put one’s feet up. More of a minimalist and a bit casual at the same time. Not too much obscure and interweaved.

Like this one: (I bet you know who are these stunning ladies right here?)


If some of you might be wondering why I picked grow up as the title of this look, oh well! It’s just that, after internalizing things in a minute or so I comprehended the things that I’ve already outgrown and of course, the ones that I still amused and relish doing.

Like learning to say no to people who ask you to do inexplicable and unscrupulous things with you that you don’t normally do. It doesn’t mean that he/she is your friend, it doesn’t have to mean you have to force yourself to do it with that person. We have to learn how to stand up for what we believe in, as well. If you don’t do anything to say what you want and you have faith in, you will never attain and achieve your goals.

Another one is to STOP procastinating and start doing what it takes to pursue your dreams! That’s one of the things that I’ve apprehended and fathom, not just in blogging, but on everything that we desire to achieve, as well. Although, I must admit, there are those days that you don’t feel like doing anything and you’re like singing to the tune of Bruno Mars’ The Lazy Song. But then, if I’ll let my tediousness and sluggishness hit me like zany, I’ll achieve NOTHING. And last but definitely not the least, I learned to trust in God and hold on to His promises! πŸ™‚

And so here are the outtakes:

Β blog6




And finally, here’s my look:

Hype this on!

TOP Rebel Gear, NECKLACE DIY, PANTS Folded & Hung, BOOTS Thrift Store in HK

Stay tuned for my blog post on why I picked “Grow Up” as the title of this look and blog post, will you? πŸ™‚



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