Take me or leave me!

When you do something you love, it tend to make you exultant, ecstatic and on cloud nine, right? And when someone supports and espouses you to do it more exuberantly and take it seriously. The tendency is that it will inspire you and stimulates your fervor and keenness in what you love doing.

What happens when someone cast doubt on what you love doing? Of course, it depends on the people that encounter it on how they would retort on it. If you’re plainly doing what you’re fond of doing and you know there’s nothing wrong in doing it, it’either you ignore it or you’ll get peeved and exasperated, isn’t it? Especially when it’s your father!!

Me and my brother grew up in our Lola’s crib wherein our two beloved aunts takes care for us and we used to being called spoiled. I must admit it’s true but then, we somehow grew from it a bit. Haha! Anyways, our parents used to work abroad. My mom was a flight stewardess and later on, became the cabin service director. While my dad used to work on Nestle as a Sales Supervisor. But in my junior year in high school, they went back here in PH and we had our family business and had moved to our own house. But then, we still visit in my lola’s crib most of the time. Okay, I’m just sharing! Hahaha!

Back to the topic, we’re originally not emotionally attached to our dad. Why? Because whenever he’s around, we can’t do what we want to do and we can’t say be boisterous and blaring as much as we normally do because there are times when we crack jokes and laugh wildly, when we mimic our mom or when me and my brother jokingly fight, all of a sudden, he’ll get infuriated and take it too seriously! And this may sound cocky, but I’m just being honest. But he’s annoyingly weird most of the time. Out of the blue, he fondly notice unneccessary things that doesn’t need to be noticed. And what exasperates me and my brother is that he tend to boast about himself and make up stories just to lift his own chair! Don’t get me wrong, I know nobody’s perfect, right? But making up stories just to pretend that you know it all is definitely right, isn’t? And the worst is he often notice and point out my mistakes and abruptly get mad at me for it while he, my father, is not a good example, himself! Before you focus on the flaws of others, converge first on your flaws and strive hard to change it. As for me, I know my flaws and I’m doing my best to change and be a better version of myself. πŸ™‚

Anyways, what pushed me to put up this blog post is when my dad questioned our fervidness on blogging! Before, my mom and my aunt used to ask us why do we need to do blogging and why do we have so much fervor fashion and exert effort in making looks and post it on Lookbook. Fortuitously, they were enlightened and they now, understand our enthusiasm in blogging and fashion/Lookbook.

But my dad still don’t understand us. What made it worst was even the idea of having Facebook &Twitter, he also don’t support us in it! Very uncanny, odd and WEIRD! What made me feel upset even more was when he said that we might later on, post obscene and pornographic photos or videos!!?!

I was like: “Srsly??? Do you honestly think that we are raunchy and bawdy to post such horrid and unpleasant things in our blog? Are you really our father? We’re christians and we’re NOT born to do those kind of things.”

Sorry guys. I just wanna vent and express my sentiment and feelings here! Blogging has a very special place in my heart and it has a very massive part in my dreams. I really dream of becoming a renowned and famous blogger someday! So no matter what happens, I would do ANYTHING just to reach for my dreams and inspire others to do the same, as well! πŸ™‚



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