My two babies!

Since I’ve already adjusted here in my (new) and I started here last June, I’ve comprehended that some of you might not be informed that I’ve had a fun-filled summer jampack-ed with diversely carefree & (joyful) events! And its main reason is my two lovely & (cute) cousins, Paula & Renz! And to know them better & for you to cope up with what I’m gonna cite here in this blog post, I recommend that you read this first! (Here, here & here.)

Done? And that’s from my former blog, by the way! πŸ™‚ Anyways, let’s proceed! As what I’ve mentioned in my blog before, I’ve stayed in my lola’s crib for a month or so to spend time & take care of Paula & Renz. And so, since we’re not born to be a homebody, we made their visit worthwhile by a series of enjoyable activities! Aside from going to (Star City) and celebrating Paula’s (7th birthday), me, together with my bro & my aunt had a great time with Paula in SM Mall of Asia. We had join her first LRT ride, ate at Sbarro, played at Timezone, rode the MOA Eye, bought her toys at Toy Kingdom & ate at Icebergs!






(Note: She intentionally posed like she’s scared because she was a bit hesitant to ride the MOA Eye on the very first moment she saw it but she went & rode in it anyway! πŸ˜€)


If you’re wondering why Renz didn’t join us, he had tantrums at that time and so we didn’t force him to. But after for some time, Renz abruptly wanted to experienced it, as well. Hahaha! Kids will always be kids. πŸ™‚ Furthermore, me, Paula, along with Tito Renz & Tita Grace went there the following week. Aside from riding at the MOA Eye, we also joined the two kiddos rode the other rides there, as well.

We even rode the zipline! But not that I’m bragging, but their zipline was so low and so it’s not that challenging for me. Since I’ve already experienced zipline way back in my senior year in high school. It was when we had our field trip in Subic and the zipline was sky hig, indeed! Just sharing. πŸ™‚Β Afterwards, we ate at Shakey’s and went home already.

Another one was when we went to Fort Santiago, Luneta & ate at Greenwich! And I must say, I got really tired that day. But I didn’t care because I was with them & had a wonderful time.
And last but not that the least, what made each day of my summer this year was when we just plainly stayed at home, playing PSP, trying to scare them (we did scare them!), watching TV, tickling them & many other stuffs with JV, Gwen and Odevie (their fellow generation-cousins). We took a voluminous photos but unfortunately, some of it got lost! 😦 These are the ones we had luckliy kept:

















Honestly, the bottom of line of this blog post was I insanely and badly MISS them to bits!! 😦 :*

Stay tuned for the missing photos! I haven’t fix it yet! πŸ™‚



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