Before the #omgawards. :)

Hmm… oh well! I must say, I’ve been very blessed this year! (And I do believe I’ll be blessed even more!) 😀 Why? I’ve able to attend the Bench X Michael Cinco: Impalpable at the Philippine Fashion Week last June (Read it here & here.)

Done? Likewise, since it was on a friday night (TGIF, indeed! :3), I started out my day with my ever-boring PE class! As my eyes had opened on friday morning, I smiled like my mom had given me a 1o,000 shopping spree & my heart beats like it was riding a whimsical carnival ride! And so, my excessive excitement for the Yahoo OMG! Awards made my PE class even more boring! If I could just control the time, just so I can fast forward it, I would! 😛

And at 11:30am, we’re FINALLY dismissed! Yey! 🙂 And we ate our lunch at our home in Caloocan & surfed the net for a while. At 12:45, we started dressing up & surprisingly, the clouds started dimming & it rained HEAVILY. When I say heavily, it did rain HEAVILY! 😐 And so we rented a cab just so we can go to the other side in the LRT. Actually, before we went to the MOA Arena, we went to La Salle Taft (Mcdo) first to get the tickets to Vina’s sister, Nadine(the sister of the blogger wherein my bro won!) & we got not just two tickets, but three! 🙂 One patron & two lower box tickets!


Let me cut it out first right there! Stay tuned for my upcoming blog posts about the #omgawards for more info! 😀 On the other hand, I’m gonna cite what preparations we did 4 days before the #omgawards and onwards! After we wildly screamed at the top our lungs like a pro, we talked on what would we wear & where could we find are peg/s for our look,  think of where could we shop & all those stuff!

And on Thursday night, we had our fitting for the clothes that we will be wearing for the #omgawards. I even tweeted a sneak peek of it! 🙂 Amd since me and my brother were born camwhores, we took several photos of us during our fitting!

Stay tuned for my further post bout the #omgawards, in order for you to find out how I find this year’s Yahoo #omgawards and more. 🙂



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