Life is too short to grow old & end up with the wrong one so we better be careful! 😀 So these are the 6 things that our pastor had told us when someone courts you and you’re unsure of saying yes or no. Here:

1. You must agree on EVERYTHING! Amos 3:3

– Or at least on the major aspects of life like ethics,etc. Because when you both don’t agree with the major ones, small ones will surely crush you!

2. Enrich (your life)

– You should choose someone who will help & inspire you to become a better version of yourself & not those who tear you down as the days go by!

3. Enjoy! Ecclesiastes 9:9

– Courtship doesn’t translate “caught”-ship! If so, it’s NOT working. Get out! Because once you get married, you’re stuck!

4. Suitable Gen. 2:18

– Do you fit together? Are you suitable fo each other? Do both of you share the same field of interest?

5. Christian! 1Cor 7:39, 2Cor 6:14-16

– Enough said! 😀

6. Submission Ephesians 5:21

–  Can you submit to one another?

~ Sex is not what’s love is all about! Rather, it’s all about companionship.

If sex is, then, it’s not called love. It’s lust! Prov 15:15-19



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