A Thousand Years.♥

Whether we don’t or can’t admit to ourselves, there will always be that certain person who you just can’t HARDLY forget, no matter how hard we force ourselves to, we just can’t move on with our lives without thinking & longing for that person! And some even got stuck with it for a long period of time! As for me, last Valentine’s Day, I’ve done a blog post for a very exceptional & dapper guy! I recommend that all of you read it before continue reading this blog post of mine! ‎Here.

Done reading it? Furthermore, we only became classmates for one semester since, I’ve shifted to Business Administration the following semester! Therefore, just when I thought it would help me to forget him! How could anyone forget a guy as stunning & endearing as he? Tell me!! 😐 As summer vacation came, I once again thought that finally I can move on with my life without him. Guess what happened to me? I failed AGAIN! And so,  even though it’s AGAINST my will to do it, I’ve unfriended him on Facebook. 😦 And I really tried VERY hard not to think of him. But deep inside of me, I can’t help but to wonder how was he? Would he enroll in our school this school year? To answer my avalanche of questions in my head, I sneaked on his Facebook account & found out that he’s currently working & someone told me he’s still studying at the same time but in AMA! </3 Oh boy! It’s like whenever I see my former male classmates, I can’t help but to look & expect to see him even if he’s no longer at our school anymore! 😦

Last night, I can’t seem to find anything to do! And I was like, please don’t do this to me!!!?! Because  I promised myself not to dedicate another blog post for him! But here I am making another one for him! Oh well! I guess I was surprisingly staying true to A Thousand Years- Christina Perri. Would I be stuck  in this zany situation for a thousand years even though I know that we’re stuck in the friend zone?? 😐

Personal Message:

Hey! Uhmmm.. well! Maybe you’re shocked that even though we’re not seeing each other anymore, I’m still here! Sabi ko naman sayo diba, I’ll always be here for you no matter what! And as what the song My Love is Like A Star, “My love is like a star yeah, you can’t always see me but you know that I’m ALWAYS there!” Actually, that song is originally  the one that I want to make as a background of this blog post! However, some of its lyrics are not applicable to us eh! Anyways,  I hope natatandaan mo pa ko.. Lol! How dramatic can I get?  Sorry if ever that you’re starting to get agitated at me (I hope not!). 😐 Well, maybe that’s love. You kept on loving that person even though you know na that person only treats you as his friend. Basta whenever you need me, as what I’ve mentioned to you before, Andito lang ako always (hanggang end of the world pa you want? 😀) Sana if you have time, you come & visit us on MCU! Even how much hefty you get, for me, you’re still lovely & stunning, no matter what! Kahit ano naman bagay sayo e! So, stay healthy! HAHAHA! :)Hope you appreciate this. Sorry eto lang nakayanan ko ah? Anyways, Don’t let yourself get tired too much!  Diba you’re working as a call center at present? Be sure that you always get enough rest..You love to sleep pa naman! XD Take care always & Happy Birthday Taba/Babyface/Teddy Bear! :**


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