What’s the meaning of this?

Where in the world am I right now? I’m on WordPress right now, whereas, I’m originally an aspiring blogger at blog.com. How zany can I get? hahaha. πŸ™‚ Oh well! Relax, my fellow earthlings! I can explain this wayward commotion! Well, let’s say I’m internalizing things the other day and uhmm.. I abruptly realized something! I’ve been left out by my brother. We’re both bloggers & a Lookbook-er! And at present, he already had 300+ fans at lookbook & 50+ blog posts at his blog!

While, as for me, even thoug, I feel like hiding under my bed while mentioning this but I only had 27 fans at lookbook & 19 blog posts at my blog before! And to make it worst, some of those blog posts were a bit mediocre & not that competent! What a shame! 😦 Β Oh wait! Don’t get me wrong. Comparing mine with my bro’s does not imply that I’m only doing my best just because my brother does! It’s just that I realized & had came to a conclusion that while I’m young, why don’t I make it BIG & do what it takes to reach for my dreams! Who knows? I might wake up being one of the most popular blogger & highest-hyped Lookbook-er, someday? And so help me, God! πŸ˜€

And furthermore, I’ve decided to make another blog here at WordPress so that, I may reinvent myself as a blogger! And as for my Lookbook account, uhmm.. let’s say you guys stay tuned at it! Will you? πŸ™‚


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