Come Back Home

Floral look coming up! Oh yes, I’m insanely guilty of being a bit insolvent and all that. As what I’ve mentioned earlier in my preceding food post, I was invaded by school works, assignment and etc these past few days. Oh well, junior college student feels! I miss doing against-the-sun photoshoots, to be blunt.

My floral mesh coat says it all! At first, I was a bit hesitant of making it as a statement piece while tinkering on my closet on what to include in my look. After playing the cards, I plumped for an experiment of making the love child of my obsession with bows and florals. But of course, I don’t want it to be just a face without a choice. (Oops! That’s a line from one of my favorite indie song, I Blame Myself by Sky Ferreira. Hihi!).

Without further ado, here’s what came out of my zany lil’ experiment! What do you think?








Bow Tank Top from Comme De Garcons | Pink Shorts from E.N.U.F | Bow Headband from Forever 21

Hype this on!

** Note: If some of you might notice, my look photos are posted without my blog watermark, right? I unintentionally lost the file. :( I will make another one in due time. I just don’t have the enough time to do it right away because of the divergent school works I have to accomplish first.


What’s The Fuss: Pitch Black

Sorry for being a little bit insolvent in the compelling world of fashion these days. Err, I mean, in the Lookbook community. Well, in view of the fact that finals are coming up in a couple of weeks and I’ve been unsurpassingly stressed with school works since my junior college days is about to bid farewell.*sniff!* plus my grandma has been confined for three weeks in the hospital. And now that she’s out (since last week), we decided to let her stay (together with my grandpa and aunt) temorarily reside here in our house in Bulacan for a while. So it’s hard to juggle things up especially when your heart is not in good shape. Emo feels! *covers face*

Change topic! Anyway, back to our preceding topic, I hope you understand why I’ve been gone in a while in blogging and LB. :( Moving further, can we carry on with my What’s The Fuss? anthology of looks? Shall we?

Geuriwo Haeyo

~ Well, I indubitably bet all my fellow Blackjacks out there would ascertain in a snap on where/who did I get the inspiration of this look, yes? 2ne1, nolza! Sorry for all non-blackjacks and non-kpop fans out there which most probably raising eyebrows right now, clueless on what am I talking as of this moment, isn’t it? Anyway, prior to watching the MV of 2ne1′s Missing You/Geuriwo haeyo, I came up with this look!

cats (5)

Hype this on!

Black Sweater from Passport | Black Skater Skirt from Forever 21

Coup D’Etat

~ My edgy side is being bare well on this anthology, huh? Anyhow, incorporating monochromatic duo together, black shirt and bottoms, with denim buttondown, here’s the upshot!


Hype this on!

Black shirt from AM Blvd | Black Beanie from Khush | Denim Buttondown from Guess

YG Baby!

~ My YG Stan-self took over on this look! My brother/fellow YG Stan, assented to turn our plain black tee into customized YG shirt. Then again, to those who can’t seem to decipher what am I chatttering about, YG is one of the foremost leading agency in Korea. As a devoted fangirl, I made a look jaunting my excessive fangirl-ing on YG.

cats (11)

Hype this on!

YG Shirt (customized) | Floral Buttondown and Black Ribbon Head Wear from Forever 21 | Black Tights from Q Queen

Let It Go

~ For the last installment for the said series, upon spazzing on my black top with leopard print in the bottom and flower crown I recently bought, I dole out with a decision of putting them together! How does it look?


Hype this on!

Flower Crown from Jelly Bean | Black top | Black Tights from Q Queen

Here are the individual links of the seperate blog posts of each of those:

Geuriwo Haeyo

Coup D’Etat

YG Baby!

Let It Go


Food Rage: The Iscreamist

Howdy foodies! It’s been a while, a long time bluntly, that I have the time to post a food blog post. Sorry! :( To make it up to you, a couple of weeks ago, I together with my two aunties, cousin & brother surpisingly had the time spazzingly went to Maginhawa, QC to have our merienda. Since we’re not that predominantly starving, we decided to head to The Iscreamist.


The Iscreamist was a pastry/sweets place that offers diverse flavors of ice cream and uncovential snacks with different flavors. What makes it unconventional? It’s when you order a set of it, you will be given five cups in the middle of the tray of the set you ordered with the nibbles around those cups.



And inside those cups is an amount of Liquid Nitrogen wherein you will get one piece of the set you ordered and you will dip it on the cup within 7 seconds, take it off and eat it right away. As you eat it, close your mouth and let the smoke come out on your nose. After 4-6 seconds of munching it, open your mouth and let the smoke come into your mouth, as well.


As for us, we opted to order French Macaron and Smores. And ordered a Red Velvet flavored ice cream afterwards.




I strongly forebode that you get to experience it yourself! :)


I Blame Myself

Almost a couple of weeks ago, I together with my brother and his two girl-friends (mine too) had a photoshoot at our crib. Essentially, this was the second time we had the former. The first one was with another two girl-friends (though the two were not that fond of the said activity unlike ours). Here are some of the outtakes:

Finally had my black mesh top incorporated in my look. At he outset, found the mesh top a bit absurd to wear. I even had second thoughts of buying it but for experimenting’s sake, I bought it anyway.

Having said that, here’s what it seemed:


Cat tee | Black mesh top | Black ribbon headwear from Forever 21 | Black creepers

Hype this on!


For The Love Club

Have you seen my recently concluded all black monochrome series? Stay tuned next week for its compilation, can you?
Anyway, I got so indubitably exultant when I bought this lovely cap of mine. :3 Spell love!

Having said that, I wore it on a very special church event and decided to make a look out of it.
And of course, I dole out an edgy feel into it. And I don’t know what got into me that day. Just look at my BTS (behind the scene) photos!

In case some of you might be wondering what did The Love Club got to do with my look. Well, I’ve been into indie music nowadays.
Lorde, Sky Ferreira, Lana Del Rey and such were the goddesses of my playlist.

For my look, here it is:

Supreme cap | White shirt from Bershka

Hype this on!


Pretty Hurts

Staying blunt with my word, here I am posting my vowed camo look that I supposedly posted before my last installation for my all-black monochrome series. Stay tuned for my anthology of the said series next week, will you?

Ensuing with my look for today, candidly speaking, my brother who was a style blogger and Lookbooker like me (he’s inactive for now) styled me. I must say I’ve been Kiddo-fied! (His name on his blog was Jerekiddo, that’s why!)

Those who avidly follow my Lookbook venture, (if there’s any!) know me for my edgy preference in fashion. That’s why I was called “ze fashion conyo”. Because I don’t go by the trend sometimes. I don’t go by the rules of fashion at times. I just wear the clothes I want and incorporate my style into it. :) But on the contrary, I don’t want to look too androgyneous/boyish though. But for this look, since my brother styled me, this look is an exception.

Camouflage cover up | One-piece green tutu skirt | Red cap from brother’s closet

Hype this on!


YG Baby!

Sorry for not being able to post my supposed-to-be look/look post on the preceding week. As promised, I purportedly be posting a camouflage look before posting my last addition to my all-black monochrome series (Read previous ones: 1,2,3). Oops! I spilled the beans. Spoiler alert! Well, I decided to post my last installation for my all-black monochrome series.

As a YG Stan, I opted to customize my plain black shirt in a t-shirt printing shop by putting the YG icon on the middle part of the shirt. I bought the extra large one to have that hiphop feel into it. For those who’s not familiar with what the fuss I’m talking about, YG is one of the top 3 foremost agency in Korea, along with SM Entertainment and JYP. K-pop groups like 2ne1, Bigbang and such are handled by the former. For sure, my fellow K-pop fangirls and fanboys ascertains what I’m talking about, yes?

Furthermore, here’s my last addition to my all-black monochrome series:

Black ribbon headwear from Forever 21 | Black YG shirt (customized) | Black/Snakeskin creepers

Hype this on!


Let It Go

Yeoboseyo! (Hello!) My apologies for having my first ever look post for 2014 so late. :( Been busy with various things. Well then, ensuing my Monochrome all black series (Check the subsequent ones here and here.), as for my third addition, I opted to make my flower crown (although not that visible) as this look’s statement piece. Though the former wasn’t the only one statement piece. Of course, this is my first look of the year so it has to be somewhat legit.

Black top from H&W | Black tights from Q Queen | Black creepers | Flower Crown from Jellybean

For the art shots, believe it or not, IT’S NOT EDITED.

Hype this on!

** By the way, my last installment for my Monochrome all black series will be posted a bit late. Supposedly, it will be posted after this look. But due to unfortunate circumstances, I lost the photos! :( So, I’ll be reshooting it this week. Therefore, the last-installment-look will be posted on the last week of the month.


Milk tea Tidbits #03

What: Battle of the Taro

Who: Cobo’s Taro Limited VS. Dakasi’s Superior Taro Milktea

When: Now!

Alright alright! Enough with the birthday card format thingy. :) It’s been a while since I’ve able to post a subsequent addition to my Milktea Tidbits.

In case you haven’t read the preceding ones, here and here.

Redeploying further, let’s proceed with our Milktea Tidbits for today! For starters, let me refresh your mind with the basic figures of Taro. (According to Wikipedia)

Taro is a common name for the corms and tubers of several plants in the Araceae family. Of these, Colocasia esculenta is the most widely cultivated and the subject of this article. More specifically, this article describes the “dasheen” form of taro; another variety of taro is known as eddoe.

Taro is native to South India and Southeast Asia. It is a perennial, tropical plant primarily grown as a root vegetable for its edible starchy corm, and as a leaf vegetable. It is a food staple in African, Oceanic and South Indian cultures and is believed to have been one of the earliest cultivated plants. Colocasia is thought to have originated in the Indo-Malayan region, perhaps in eastern India and Bangladesh, and spread eastward into Southeast Asia, eastern Asia, and the Pacific islands; westward to Egypt and the eastern Mediterranean; and then southward and westward from there into East Africa and West Africa, whence it spread to the Caribbean and Americas. It is known by many local names and often referred to as “elephant ears” when grown as an ornamental plant.

And now, progressing with our MT tidbits, shall we start?

Cobo’s Superior Taro Milk Tea


Dakasi’s Taro Limited

Round 1 | Physical Appearance

~ Well, at this point in time, bluntly speaking, after all my obsession with milk teas, as I go through my comparing-the-version-of-different-brands-of-diverse-flavors thingy, physical appearance is crudely a plus factor. Though it still matters for almost everyone has its own share of it-looks-yummy-but-I-found-out that-it-doesn’t-taste-good-after-all experience, right? As for the two contending milk teas’ case, it’s nearly a tie, therefore:

Dakasi: 85

Cobo: 85

For this round, IT’S A TIE!

Round 2 | Original Price

~ As for this matter, well, as for some, price really matters to them before purchasing an item, considering it precisely their deciding factor before anything else. For this round, in contempt of the fact that Cobo’s is P20.00 off less than Dakasi’s (Cobo- P85, Dakasi-P115), obviously…

Dakasi: 84


The winner for this round is Cobo’s Superior Taro Milk Tea

Round 3 | Taste

~ Last but the most significant round of all, how about the taste? Well, to be frank with all of you, Cobo’s Superior Taro MT is my #2 favorite milk tea of all time! (With bursting yoghurt as sinkers, specifically!)
Oops! *SPOILER ALERT* Find out more on my Milktea Tidbits #04 coming this month. Stay tuned! Furthermore,

Dakasi: 86

Cobo: 92

The winner for this round, again, is Cobo’s Superior Taro Milk Tea



*drum roll* The winner overall is…

**Cobo’s Superior Taro Milk Tea!**

Stay tuned for more Milk tea Tidbits, alright?


Food Rage: Gavino’s Japanese Donuts

Happy New Year, stellar people! After having my last look post of 2013, it’s about time for me to have my last food post of the year 2013, as well! As diverse kinds of pastries, drinks and such arises, as what they appraised, people will never be satistified with what they have. Most of us would look and ask for more than what we don’t have.

At present, there are various sorts of food/drinks I unsurpassingly adorn. Milk tea, mochi/mochido and many many more. As for donuts’ heyday,  Jco & Krispy Kreme have been very notable in the hearts of food lovers, isn’t it? And now, I’ve been excessively head over heels in love with Gavino’s!

Gavino’s Japanese donuts is a gourmet donut shop specializing in chewy mochi donuts. On their frequent trips to Taiwan, Japan and other Asian countries, the owners experience this kind of donut and immediately fell in love with them.

The owners then developed the Japanese mochi donuts and joined the Mercato Centrale weekend market in December 2011. While the products were being introduced, the owners saw the potential for these chewy Japanese mochi donuts and decided to expand the brand. The owners then decided to open their flagship store in Greenhills Town Center, Brgy. Valencia in Quezon City. All the donuts are made fresh here daily. When they saw that people were coming from far flung places to buy their mochi donuts, the owners then decided it was time to expand and let more people try these delightful chewy donuts.

We believe in selling only the best quality products at reasonable prices,” Mr. Que, the owner says. In developing different flavors for their donuts, Gavino’s does not skimp on the ingredients they use. There are real almonds, pistachios and cheese just to name a few premium ingredients. And with continuous product development, flavors like red velvet and sour cream can now be found in mochi donuts. “Gavino’s Japanese donuts is in the business of providing the best customer satisfaction through our high quality products and customer service,” says Mr. Que. (c)

Here’s some of the flavors I strongly forebode that you guys has to shed light and witness its undubitably greatness:

Choco Almond- Crunchy + Chewy + Sweet= I DON’T CARE, I LOVE IT!

Strawberry Gummy- Since gummy bears is one of my stress reliever/go-to snack, my kiddo-self takes over whenever I eat this enthralling flavor!

Hazelnut- I must say, its sweetness is not that overpowering but not lacking, as well. Hazelnut goodness!

M&Ms- My fellow chocolate lovers would surely give a nod on this particular variant. My kiddo-self and sweet-tooth-self merged in full force, indeed. Hihi! :3

Cookies & Cream- This is the first ever mochido I’ve ever tasted. In view of the fact that cookies and cream is my classic favorite flavor of ice cream, spell L-O-V-E!

Cinnamon Sugar- Not like other food that has cinnamon on it that has its tendency of being nakakaumay, this one is an exception, indeed!

Note: Sorry, I don’t have so much time to take individual photos of the said flavors! I definitely suggest you personally go to your nearest Gavino’s to get to taste mochido perfection!

** Mochi donuts- P29/piece, P150/6pcs, P300/dozen

For Gavino’s full menu, check it here.