Our Horizons Meet

For my look post today, staying true to what I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I will not leave my edgy self for too long. The wonders of my swirling moods on dressing up! Just like in real life, when it comes to love-hate relationship. People mistake its real meaning. Most of us believe that it’s the opposite of love.

But little did they know it wasn’t. It’s as strong as love. For you won’t hate someone without a reason. It has deeper meaning that equates to deeper emotions. Hate, truth to be told, is more bothering than love. Because you think of the person you hate than the one you love. As for me, I’m dealing with that conundrum right now. Loving someone so much and ended up hating the person.

Hating someone who hurt you is not the solution to moving on. It will just magnify your feelings to that person that sooner or later will develop into something big, something you feared the most the moment you decided to hate that person. Then I comprehended the fact that being bitter is not really for the better. You’re just fooling yourself. You feed your thoughts with stupid nonsense things just to satisfy your ego instead of letting everything go. Things may be hard, nothing in this world was certain. Nothing was a hundred percent sure. But the odds of failing should never get in the way of trying.

Ensuing with the details of this particular look, carrying on with playing with colors from my look prior from this one, I decided and just because I’m in the mood for I’m-in-the-streets-and-I-wanna-dress-up-a-bit kind of look, here’s the outcome!

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Bind Your Love

Oh hi, giddy earthlings! Well, as what I’ve avowed on my preceding look posts, I’m terribly busy and oh-so-stressed creature nowadays (due to my last year in college – thesis, feasibility study, group reports and the like). What makes me disturbed and … these days is that I really find it bothersome with the realizations I currently have that constantly messing up my heart.

Everyone gets hurt. Even when you’re older now, even if you know better, even if you understand. You can’t keep yourself from hurting. It just hit me that I encountered people who I felt I want to be around forever but ended up leaving me just like that and was meant to be an instrument to make me stronger. There’s always a risk to be taken when you fall in love, a blind leap of faith out there in a realm of unpredictability. What lies at the end of the road is bliss or heartbreak that we are to figure out eventually.

One thing that you’ll probably notice about yours truly if you would come to know me better is that I’m a fragile person. We’re all a piece of shell of what we used to be. What will distinguish as from the others is what kind of person we came to be after the storm we once get stuck into. (or perhaps, more than once!)

In view of what I mentioned in my look post prior to this one that I decided to take a break from my edgy-all-black self (not for long my friends! *winks*) and opt to playing rock, paper and scissors with colors. You don’t always cling to monochromatic pieces all the time. Sometimes you have to experiment and play the right contrast with divergent colors. But be careful not to overdo it though.

Jersey top from Bershka | Pink dress shirt (used as an undershirt) | Sneakers from Zoo York

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Like A Black Widow Baby

Here we go with my overdue look post. My deep apologies with my consecutive delinquency. It’s just that I find it a bit hard to blog these days. Aside from my jam packed schedule due to my clingy fourth year stress bites, I’m feeling exasperatingly uninspired and heavy handed these days. With all the stress that I’m dealing right now and some personal things. But then, I promise I will do my best to avoid this tardiness syndrome I’m getting into. I just don’t wanna vent it too much on public. Those of you who have read/will read my preceding look posts, I bet you will notice my bereaved thoughts and statements here and there, don’t you?

Anyway, those who follow my lookbook/fashion venture here in my dearest blog (if there’s any) will apprehend that I’m more of an edgy one than being the i-love-pink-to-the-moon-and-back type. Though I’m not saying that I despise playing with colors. If you’ll see my next look post, you’ll ascertain well what I meant. But there are those days that I feel like hugging my inner edgy self. Culling to wearing monochromatic pieces won’t hurt. Especially with black. Just learn to put the right ones together to come up with a prim one.

Black jumper from Lee | Black beanie from Oxygen | Black ribbon cuff from H&M

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Food Rage: BRGR: The Burger Project

Annyeong foodies! Nan mwoul mokgo! (I want something to eat! Sorry for my turtle-like-updating here at my dearest blog. Blame it on my exasperatingly stressful 4th year life. Trial and error in our feasibility study and the anxities of our OJT which started last week to be particular. But I promise to update my blog as much as I can. The strains of graduating is getting on me so I yearn for your patience and support, puhleease? *beautiful eyes*

Not too much prolonging with my introductory ceremony here, (Tee hee! As what I’ve avowed in the beginning of this post, nan mwoul mokgo! (I want something to eat!. How about making my own burger and naming it, as well? Nah, I’m not stuck in Lalaland!

It’s possible at Brgr: The Burger Project.


You can choose what kind of burger patty (angus beef, normal beef, chori, tofu or chicken), what kind of bun (oatmeal, sesame seed, etc), what kind of cheese (bleu, mozzarella, cheddar cheese, garlic cream cheese and such), what premium and basic toppings (bacon, caramelized onions, pepperoni, sun dried tomatoes and the list goes on) to put and what kind of sauce to plunk. Tomatoes, Lettuce & pickles is for free! For the cherry on top, you can even name your own burger!

Here’s what we chose:

Conyo Burger



Named after my blog (sans the ze fashion), this burger is mine, obviously! I chose tofu for the patty, sesame seed for the bun, garlic cream cheese for the cheese, bacon, caramelized onions and sauteed mixed mushrooms for the premium toppings, egg for the basic toppings, BBQ sauce for the sauce and purchased the free tomatoes! <3

Burp Burger


This one was made by my auntie. She went for beef for the patty, sesame seed for the bun, no cheese, bacon for the premium toppings, sliced red onions for the basic ones and honey mustard for the sauce and took the free tomatoes and lettuce!

Kiddo Burger


Identified after my bro’s blog, here’s his burger. He opted chicken for the patty, sesame seed for the bun, cheese sauce for the cheese, bacon and canadian bacon for the premium toppings, pineapple slices for the basic ones, special brgr sauce for the sauce and acquired the free tomatoes and lettuce!

We also ordered fries, onion rings and sweet potato fries for the sides and cookie butter & chips for the drinks. I recommend you shed light on their super stellar mayonnaise. So yumm!


Note: If you’re not in the mood on making your own burger (which I highly disagree!), you can choose from their designer burgers. You can even refer to their featured burger made by a famous celebrity/personality (changes after sometime).

~ Maginhawa, QC
~ Scout Rallos, QC
~Jupiter, Makati City

Overall Rating: 8/10
Burgers: 9/10
Sides: 7.5/10
Drinks: 6/10
Place (Maginhawa): 7/10

My fashion-forward-self even insisted an OOTD before leaving! I forebode you do the same before saying goodbye to the burger lalaland. *winks*


Really Don’t Care


Oh my! If some of you might recognized that my look posts in the preceding week has been posted a bit late than it should be, right? And I’m terribly sorry for it! Blame it on my OJT slash fourth year life’s ying yang! Plus my not-so-okay-but-slowly-getting-better heart.

Well, every moment of our lives has the ability to be life changing, some of them more so than the others. And we’re all constantly growing through these moments. Even the bad moments need to happen in order for the good ones to come.

Just like you can’t have a sky with nothing but bright stars. There will always be some dim stars here and there, scattered among the bright ones. And because of this, the sky becomes more meaningful and much more breathtaking. Carrying on with my look for the day, what happens when my love for love for food and fixation for food explodes? The love child of Nutella, sparkly polo & tutu skirt has been born!

Copy of DSC_0388

Copy of DSC_0257


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Catching Shadows


I bet for those who have read my preceding blog posts, you’ll recognize that I tend to affirm opulently the state of my heart right now. In fact, I’m currently fond of sad love songs and of course, my adornment for indie songs is ubiquitous, isn’t it? Well, I promise that this would be the last in the bunch. After those several inculcate slaps of reality right in my face, finally, I can say I’m now progressing and have been moving on and letting go of the people who don’t deserve even a bit of me, not even a lil’piece of my precious time and attention.

It felt like fireworks shoot up the dark sky but still jumping a little when the sound of the explosion startles you. But sadly, we’re not fireworks. We’re just dying embers, quickly burning out into nothing but fading flickers, until there was darkness. Heartbreak, wow. So that’s what they herald in the movies. It felt like my whole world crumble apart in a constant replay mode. I knew love was dangerous. But I was willing to take the risk, not knowing it would be one of the biggest regret I’d had in my life. Even how cliche I may sound but there’s a guy that I meant to be with. (in God’s time – I hope it’s soon though!) I’m not giving up hope. That’s what makes our humanity intact.

People change. You wouldn’t be the same person as who you were when you’re 5. So why whine over things/people who/that are gone and won’t come back? I say, focus now. Now is what matters. And for this look (Yes, I know I posted this on Lookbook yesterday. Sorry I’m gonna be posting this just now!), well, blame it on my street-style self who took over me when I was all giddy looking for something to wear the day when we shoot this. To balance it and dole a dose of feminine touch to it, I paired it with feminine pieces which unsurprisingly, florals. Oh I adorn florals to infinity and beyond! Summer or not, on trend or not, I just love it! :3

Copy of DSC_0087

Copy of DSC_0062


Denim Pullover from Mango | Sneakers from Zoo York

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Love Don’t Die


Will someone punch the clock? Tomorrow is the first day of my last academic year in college. Suffice to say that there would probably a time wherein I would be extremely busy. Not only because of the bountiful thesis coming up to stress me but also because we’re gonna be having our on the job training this semester for about 2-3 months. Oh blunder! Just by the mere thought of it makes me hide behind my blanket and escape the real world. But before crying over spilled milk, I would do my best to be as consistent in blogging as possible (So bear with me, will you?).

Moving further, let’s shed light on my new look that I’m gonna share with you, guys. Oh, what do we have here? Another indoor look, huh? Well, those were the days wherein my parents are out in the house, me and my brother are stuck at home and grab the chance to invade the fridge with our sparkling eyes and pig out. I smell holiday bump in here! Tee hee!

Kidding aside, making the most of the former, we fondly invade the fridge.. err, I mean our wardrobe and come up with an indoor photoshoot. Having said that, sad but to be candid, since I’m having holiday bump problems, I decided to wear something that would conceal the unwanted F’s in my naughty tummy and came up with this!




 Bull Cap from Human | Shoes from Dr. Martens

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Ain’t It Fun


Yeoboseyo! Oh yes, yes. I know most of you who already read my recent double look post looks rushed and dreary. I didn’t able to dole out the details of the two looks very well. It’s because of the numerous family celebrations and our school enrollment. I’m so sorry about that.

But I promise I’ll make it up to you, alright. Having said that, after this particular look post, stay tuned for a couple of photo diary of what made me all giddy this summer.

For now, let’s hash over my superfluous floral look! Well, summer is about to bid farewell *sniff* and so before wrapping it up, I decided to let my fixation for florals go down the line. Suffice to say that I’m gonna miss summer to the nth power!






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Better Than Words


Oh my! Classes are about to ensue next week. And after a couple of semesters plus our OJT training, I’m gonna finish my schooling already! Woo hoo! 

But on the flip side of it, that would also mean I’m gonna be bloody busy nowadays! Oh boy! But before crying over spilled milk, after this, it would also mean I can be able to focus more on blogging right? 

Since I didn’t able to post the specs of my preceding look (I’m very sorry!), I’d post it together with my today’s look, shall we?





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Here’s the preceding one:


Copy of DSC_1006

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Oh hi! Well, time for another look post, baby! But first, as what I’ve affirmed before, since my blog has been one of basically, my outlet of emotions, let me dole my current feelings before carrying on with my of course, another edgy look. Divergent thoughts kept on hurling on my mind. And yes, truth be told, it drives me insane in the most zany way possible.

I know it sucks to get a hold of something you thought was real and you thought was special. And in the blink of an eye, you found out that it’s not real, after all. And I was like, how can I go forward when I can’t get over the hump (humps, bluntly!) from where I’ve been? What now? How do I escape from this fiasco then? But we all experience hurt and all those things but it’s up to us how we’ll treat that experience. It’s either we’ll never forget it or move on and trust God with the plans he laid out for us.

With that avowed, another edgy look again! Well, for those who know me well, I bet you’re not shocked at all with that, don’t you?






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